Thursday, October 19, 2017

My husband and I recently visited in Tamaqua, my old hometown, from Atlanta, Georgia.

We stayed with my niece, Libby Klingaman. Libby recently had a special vigil light stolen from the grave of her husband, Bill.

The same thing happened to us years ago, when the vigil light I had on the grave of my daughter, Sheree Anne Zeigler, was also stolen. We were fortunate to get it back thanks to Ed Smith, who was caretaker at that time. He had found it at the bottom of the cemetery, and recognized it as Sheree’s.

Letters To The Editor

The idea of a global ideological battle between our democracy and communism (Russia and China) has preoccupied our leadership since World War II. While this has been important and must continue to get our attention, smaller radical ideologies have emerged with very real and dangerous consequences. They are: (1) North Korea’s thermonuclear weapon and intercontinental ballistic missile and its insane intent to use them, and (2) radical Islam and its global spread, particularly in the Mideast and in the European Union.